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"In less than 6 months, OrderCast converted 95% of our B2B orders online. We’re done with the era of re-entering orders manually, and we finally have clarity and visibility in our operations."
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Hassan Assabban

CEO, Textilia

"Within a few hours, I was able to see a demo of my own products on a turnkey online store ready for my customers. The product is so well done that it would have taken me several months or even years to achieve such a result. Incredibly well thought out!"
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Robin Claessens


"In the first days talking with OrderCast, I said I didn’t want to worry about having two sites. They understood exactly what I meant, and showed how we could use the API with Odoo. Having that running means everything flows smoothly between my ERP, my e-commerce site with OrderCast, and my customers’ ordering experience."
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Nathan Fougnies

CEO, Ultimate Care

B2B Online Store - CORE FEATURES

Sell online with your
custom B2B e-commerce

The OrderCast front office offers a personalized and intuitive B2B e-commerce experience with features such as custom catalogs, one-click ordering, order history, and powerful search capabilities.

Seamless ordering

Intuitive B2B e-shop to streamline your customers' ordering process

Personalized storefront

Advanced pricing and discount rules for each customer based on their purchasing history and volume.

Accurate inventory management

Integration with ERP system to ensure real-time inventory availability and accurate order fulfillment.

Advanced search

Our in-house search technology provides a powerful and customizable search experience for your customers, allowing them to easily find the products they need.

Re-ordering OrderCast

Manage orders within minutes, not days.

OrderCast’s back office provides a powerful suite of tools to efficiently manage your B2B business operations.

Order and inventory management

Manage and track orders and inventory across multiple sales channels and warehouses from one centralized platform.

Product and pricing management

Create and manage products, variants, and pricing for your B2B eCommerce website and other sales channels.

Customer management

Manage customer information, create custom pricing and discounts, and track customer interactions and purchase history.

Reporting and analytics

Analyze sales data, track KPIs, and generate custom reports to gain insights into your business performance and make data-driven decisions.

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Connect your favorite apps in seconds.

Integrate OrderCast with your ERP system and streamline your wholesale operations to have real-time visibility on inventory, order fulfillment, and financial data. The results? Increased efficiency, reduced errors, and improved customer satisfaction.

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Key data from our customers

Positive ROI

Our customers cover the amount invested in OrderCast in a matter of days.

+20% of AOV

Increase in the Average Order Value for upselling and cross-selling.

92% retention

Customers who regularly purchase from your OrderCast e-shop.

+80% accuracy

Orders via OrderCast are less likely to contain errors.


From a spreadsheet to an entire ordering solution

OrderCast simplifies and automates your wholesale B2B business operations with its all-in-one solution, providing real-time inventory and order management as well as streamlined communication with customers and suppliers.

Streamline wholesale order management

OrderCast simplifies and automates the entire order management process, from capturing orders to shipping products, making it easy for wholesalers to manage their business.

Increase efficiency and productivity

By centralizing all order information and automating time-consuming tasks, OrderCast helps wholesalers save time and resources, allowing them to focus on growing their business.

Enhance the customer experience

OrderCast provides a user-friendly platform for customers to place orders and track their shipment, creating a seamless ordering experience that keeps customers coming back.


Frequently asked questions

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