How a Chatbox Can Improve Your Wholesale Logistics

Crisp starts as a chatbox on your site, giving your customers an easy, reliable way to get answers to their questions. That alone will improve the day-to-day at a wholesale business.
Ayoub Assabban
Ayoub Assabban
May 3, 2023
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Everything that goes into OrderCast’s B2B online ordering solution starts from one conviction:

Great wholesale businesses are built on great logistics.

Most wholesalers understand that while they want to be good at sales, it’s not really the most important factor in their success. Instead, having well-oiled operations that master the logistics of B2B order fulfillment – from presenting the offer to taking and processing orders to shipping and final delivery – are key.

Still, it’s hard to improve operations when – like many wholesalers – you’re in a high-stress environment where the phone is constantly ringing off the hook. After all, for years the phone has been the primary way (followed by fax and email) that customers try to get in touch with you. 

That’s why we’re very excited to announce our new partnership with Crisp, which gives wholesalers even more digital power for optimizing their operations and, therefore, their logistics.

Crisp starts as a chatbox on your site, giving your customers an easy, reliable way to get answers to their questions. That alone will improve the day-to-day at a wholesale business. Plus, all conversations are managed via a Whatsapp-like interface that’s simple for your employees to use.

“With OrderCast and Crisp, we’ve reduced the amount of incoming phone calls by 50%. The office is calmer, nobody’s stuck on hold, one person can even deal with multiple issues at a time. It’s a big timesaver.”

– Hassan Assabban, founder, Assabban SA

But Crisp also goes much further than that. They provide analytical tools that help wholesalers better understand their business: 

  • Data regarding site visits, total number of conversations, average response time and more are all tracked and available in your dashboard;
  • Chat histories are saved alongside customer information, giving a record of each customer’s interactions with your business.

“Wholesalers haven’t historically had much data about their customers. They’d have a long list of customers, and over time they’d have a general feeling about how their business worked. That’s great, but it also puts a lot of business knowledge in one person’s head. Together with Crisp, OrderCast gives them a complete dashboard and analytics to let them track the details and maximize efficiency.”

– Borys Turii, co-founder, OrderCast

There’s another benefit as well: the Crisp chatbox allows OrderCast to assist in onboarding our clients’ customers, answering any questions they might have about using the OrderCast platform to place their orders. 

The division of labor happens automatically. If the customer has a question about a product or shipping times, it’ll automatically be sent to and answered by their wholesaler; if they have a question about setting up their online ordering account, it’ll be answered by the OrderCast team.

This responds to a big worry that we’ve heard while talking to potential OrderCast clients. Even though they love the idea of shifting the ordering process online, wholesalers often worry about the process of getting their own customers to use online ordering after so many years of having to order via phone, email or fax. 

With the Crisp integration, OrderCast is able to smoothly guide those customers into online ordering, without the wholesaler needing to worry or take on any extra work.

Once again, it all goes back to optimizing operations and logistics:

  • It only takes a few days to get a wholesaler’s new online site up and running, with their entire catalog available;
  • Using Crisp, OrderCast ensures that the wholesaler’s customers are quickly onboarded and able to order online with just a few clicks;
  • The wholesaler is almost immediately saving the time and errors long associated with processing orders manually;
  • The customers are able to track their orders, make changes when needed, replicate past orders, and generally have a better buying experience.

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