The Ultimate Guide to Setting Up a B2B e-commerce platform

In this guide, we provide a step-by-step overview of the process, from defining your goals and target audience to selecting the right platform and launching your site.
Michael Saifoudine
Michael Saifoudine
April 18, 2023
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1. Define Your Goals and Target Audience

Before setting up your B2B e-commerce platform, it's crucial to define your goals and target audience. Understanding these factors will help you create a platform that is tailored to your audience's requirements and delivers tangible business benefits.

One framework that could be useful for defining goals is the SMART framework, which stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound. This framework can help you create goals that are clear, quantifiable, attainable, relevant to your business, and can be achieved within a specific timeframe. By using the SMART framework, you can ensure that your goals are actionable and can be used to drive your B2B e-commerce platform forward.

2. Choose the Right Platform

Selecting the right platform is critical. When selecting a platform, it's important to consider factors such as pricing, scalability, features, integrations, and customization options.

To help you in your selection process, you can create a comparison table. It will enable you to compare and evaluate different platforms, based on key features and functionalities that are essential to their business needs.

Creating a comparison table will also help you prioritize your requirements and assess the platforms that meet your specific needs, ultimately leading to the selection of a platform that offers the best value for their business.

Feel free to reach out to our team at OrderCast if you need help during your selection process.

3. Build Your Site Architecture and Design

Your B2B e-commerce platform's architecture and design are key to creating a user-friendly and intuitive experience for your customers.

At OrderCast, we help all customers during their onboarding in order to create the perfect online store.

This is how we break down the onboarding:

  1. Getting started: you provide us with the minimal required info to set up your custom online store → domain, company name, localization, core options related to billing, delivery and more.
  2. Adding your product: thanks to our integrations with ERP providers, you can easily launch your B2B online store without having to manually add your products to the platform.
  3. Preparing for the launch: we check together all the requirements and finalize the last steps of the onboarding.

4. Set Up Your Payment and Shipping Options

Your payment and shipping options are crucial to providing a seamless and convenient shopping experience for your customers.

We help you get paid faster with our Stripe integration:

  • Simplifies payment processing: Stripe integration enables a streamlined payment processing experience that's secure and reliable, while allowing for multiple payment options.
  • Enhances customer experience: Customers can pay quickly and easily, increasing the chances of repeat business and positive reviews.
  • Reduces manual data entry: Automates payment reconciliation, eliminating the need for manual data entry, reducing errors and saving time.
  • Supports multiple currencies: Stripe enables transactions in over 135 currencies, which is great for international businesses.
  • Provides detailed reporting: The integration offers detailed reports and analytics, providing real-time insights into payment processing activities, helping businesses make informed decisions.

5. Integrate Your Site with Your ERP and Other Systems

Integrating your B2B e-commerce platform with your ERP and other systems is essential for streamlining your operations and providing a seamless customer experience.

With OrderCast, you can connect with your favorite tools and get started within minutes.

6. Launch Your Site and Optimize for Performance

Once you've completed the setup and integration of your B2B e-commerce platform, it's time to launch your site. But first, it's crucial to test your site thoroughly to ensure that everything is working correctly.

Here's a list of testing frameworks you can use to ensure that your custom wholesale online B2B store is ready to go live:

  1. User Acceptance Testing (UAT): This involves testing the system with a group of real users to ensure it meets their needs and is easy to use.
  2. Functional Testing: This verifies that all the features and functions of the B2B store work as intended.
  3. Integration Testing: This checks that the B2B store integrates seamlessly with other systems and platforms, such as ERP software and payment gateways.
  4. Performance Testing: This tests the B2B store's ability to handle high traffic and transaction volumes.
  5. Security Testing: This ensures that the B2B store is secure and protected against cyber threats and attacks.
  6. Compatibility Testing: This checks that the B2B store works correctly on different devices, browsers, and operating systems.
  7. Accessibility Testing: This verifies that the B2B store is accessible to all users, including those with disabilities.
  8. Regression Testing: This retests previously completed test cases to ensure that any changes or updates to the B2B store have not affected existing features or functions.

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In conclusion, setting up a B2B e-commerce platform requires careful planning, execution, and optimization. By following these steps, you can create a platform that delivers a seamless and personalized experience for your customers and drives business growth.

At OrderCast, we offer a comprehensive B2B e-commerce platform with features such as inventory management, order processing, and integrations with ERPs, CRMs, and other systems. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you set up and optimize your B2B e-commerce platform.

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