Sales Development Representative

Quick summary

  • 🕛 We’re looking for a full-time hire.
  • 🌎 Globally speaking... it’s a fully remote.
  • 💼 Candidates must have at least: 2-4 years experience.
  • 💸 Competitive salary based on candidate's location and experiences.

About OrderCast

OrderCast takes a hands-on approach to helping wholesalers in their digital transition. Our turnkey ordering solution lets them shift from fax, phone and email orders to seamless e-commerce. Saving them tons of time and giving their customers a highly improved experience.

We’re convinced that all B2B companies should have an easy-to-use, integrated and accessible online sales platform. That is why we designed OrderCast, a ready-to-use solution with no implementation costs, able to be up and running in a matter of days.

Our cross-industry expertise and tools make us an essential partner for organizations that want to jump on the digital bandwagon.

Find out more at ordercast.io.

Job Description

As our Sales Development Representative, you’ll be in charge of developing personalized demos of our prospects’ sites, showing them these demos, and working to close deals.

OrderCast is a remote team building a digital solution that sells thanks to a lot of in-person communication. As an OrderCast SDR, you’ll:

  • Travel, frequently attending trade shows where our prospects can all be found under one roof;
  • Converse with prospects, speaking with them face-to-face;
  • Analyze your interactions, figuring out what arguments work best in moving someone toward onboarding and a signed contract;
  • Speak English constantly, which means you need to be very comfortable, whether it’s your first language or seventh;
  • Sell, sell, sell :)

Since we are a product company, it’s important that our team members don’t just perform a task, but that everyone also understands the problems of the businesses they’re helping. As an SDR, you’ll be gathering information that will help influence the design of the OrderCast system and make great contributions to the growth of the company. In addition to the success of OrderCast, we also aim to create a work environment that provides the necessary support and mentorship for our employees’ long-term development.

Required Skills

  • We don't care to which fancy business school you went, we are interested in smart, driven and ambitious sales players who are fearless on the phone and capable of driving results through activity.
  • Strong and eloquent communicator - you are able to influence your stakeholders and adapt your speech to all levels including C-Level prospects
  • A great listener, this is about finding the breach and advise clients with a solution-oriented selling mindset
  • Knowledge about premium and enterprise-like sales cycles
  • Familiar with CRM softwares (we work with HubSpot)
  • Team player - honesty, trust and care is your second nature

Hiring Process

  1. Call with the hiring manager
  2. Technical test
  3. Cultural fit interview with another team member
  4. Final and offer