Mailjet x Ordercast

Boost B2B customer engagement with Mailjet

Enhance your email marketing efforts and elevate customer engagement with our seamless Mailjet integration for OrderCast.

Send custom marketing and transactional emails to your B2B customers with Mailjet & Ordercast.

Benefits from Mailjet for your customers and your business

Efficient Email Campaigns
Efficient Email Campaigns

Harness the power of Mailjet's robust email marketing tools with OrderCast for efficient and effective email campaigns.

Improved Customer Engagement
Improved Customer Engagement

Boost your customer engagement rates with personalized, targeted emails powered by Mailjet and OrderCast.

Better Conversion Rates
Better Conversion Rates

Convert more leads with custom automated emails designed for your customer journey, delivered by Mailjet via OrderCast.


Mailjet x Ordercast is made for you

Wholesale Business Owners

For wholesale business owners, the Mailjet integration with OrderCast streamlines your email marketing, helping you grow your customer base.

Sales Managers

Sales Managers can take advantage of personalized email marketing to nurture leads and close deals more effectively.

Operations Managers

Operations Managers can leverage Mailjet integration for process automation and effective communication, enhancing operational efficiency.

IT Managers

IT Managers will appreciate the seamless integration of Mailjet and OrderCast, reducing complexities and improving data management.

Core features of this integration

Transform your B2B email experience with Mailjet and OrderCast

Experience the power of optimized email marketing with the robust features of our Mailjet integration.

Automated Email Campaigns
Automated Email Campaigns

Automate your email campaigns with the integration of Mailjet and OrderCast, ensuring efficient and timely communication.

Personalized Emails
Personalized Emails

Deliver personalized, targeted emails that resonate with your customers and facilitate their journey with your brand.

Enhanced Reporting
Enhanced Reporting

Gain detailed insights into your email campaign performance, enabling data-driven decisions for improved outcomes.

Improved Customer Engagement
Improved Customer Engagement

Enhance customer engagement with personalized, timely communication powered by Mailjet and the OrderCast integration.

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Why OrderCast?

The new standard for B2B
in wholesale

OrderCast provides a comprehensive backoffice for wholesalers to manage their inventory, orders, and customers, while offering a seamless frontoffice for their customers to easily browse and place orders.

Seamless ordering

Customizable B2B e-shop for each customer to streamline the ordering process.

Personalized storefront

Advanced pricing and discount rules for each customer based on their purchasing history and volume.

Accurate inventory management

Integration with ERP system to ensure real-time inventory availability and accurate order fulfillment.

Advanced search

Our in-house search technology provides a powerful and customizable search experience for your customers, allowing them to easily find the products they need.

2x faster app

OrderCast is a powerful and reliable SaaS application with a 99.98% SLA.

1 week rollout

It only takes 1 week to get set up with OrderCast.

0 hidden fees

Peace of mind with pricing that fits your business growth.

100% visibility

Visibility on all operations and orders with our OrderCast platform.

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Tired of managing purchase orders manually? Try OrderCast!

Book a demo with our Sales Expert to discover how OrderCast can help streamline your wholesale business and increase your revenues.

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