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OrderCast is your all-in-one solution to make wholesale ordering a breeze! Say goodbye to fax, phone, and email orders and hello to a seamless e-commerce experience.

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We provide a turnkey e-commerce solution that seamlessly transitions businesses from traditional ordering methods to an easy-to-use digital platform.

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At OrderCast, we put people first, whether it's our employees, clients, or their customers, because we believe that happy people make for a successful business.

Founder story

How it all started

Back in 2020, Ayoub Assabban was helping out at his dad's wholesale business during the COVID-19 pandemic. Watching as orders were received, deciphered and tracked via phone, email and fax, he quickly realized that the old-school ordering process needed a tech upgrade.

Fast forward to today, and Ayoub and Borys are the co-founders of OrderCast, a turnkey solution that streamlines wholesale orders and enhances the customer experience.

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Meet OrderCast

OrderCast is a turnkey e-commerce solution that helps wholesalers quickly transition from outdated order-taking methods to a smooth online platform. With no implementation costs and a rapid set-up, OrderCast is the essential partner for companies looking to update their ordering process and improve customer satisfaction.


Your SMB has the potential to sell to billions of people

"Companies slowly started doing some things digitally — they got email, they put up a website. But they didn’t necessarily go much further. The thing today, though, is that the more you implement digital tools, the further you’ll go in terms of using tools, and you’ll start to add them faster and faster."

Thierry Geerts, CEO at Google Belgium

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