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Simplify the order taking process

Custom B2B online store

Our Custom B2B online store section is designed to help B2B wholesalers and distributors build their own personalized online stores that fulfill their specific needs.

With our easy-to-use platform and customizable features, you can create an online store that reflects your brand, streamlines your supply chain processes, and enhances customer satisfaction.

Enhance THE customer experience

OrderCast's advanced search feature enables users to find products quickly and easily, even when working with large, complex catalogs. With search filters, auto-suggestions, and a customizable search bar, users can quickly locate the products they need and add them to their carts in no time.

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Simple re-ordering

Recurring purchases

Ensure seamless replenishment of your customer's inventory with OrderCast's Recurring Purchases feature. Your customers will be able to automatically schedule and repeat orders for items that require frequent restocking, saving time and simplifying their purchasing process.

Different pricing for different customers

Custom pricing tiers

With OrderCast's custom pricing tiers, you can tailor your pricing to specific customer groups, increasing customer loyalty and revenue. Create pricing tiers based on factors such as order quantity, customer location, or loyalty level. This feature ensures that customers get the best possible price for their needs while also allowing you to optimize profitability.

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Get paid in no time

Online payments

With OrderCast's seamless integration with Stripe, your customers can make secure online payments with ease. Eliminate the hassle of manual payments and ensure your customers' financial data is always protected. With customizable payment options and real-time transaction monitoring, managing your online payments has never been easier.

We cover all use cases

Discover all features

OrderCast's front office feature allows businesses to create custom and optimized B2B online stores.

Real-time orders

Instantly view and manage incoming orders for your B2B business.

Special orders

Create tailored orders to meet specific customer needs with ease.

Billing management

Streamline invoicing and keep track of customer payments effortlessly.

Delivery options

Flexible shipping for your customers, managed with ease by you.

Barcode search

Efficiently scan and track inventory with quick and accurate barcode search.

Multilingual options

Easily reach global clients with OrderCast's multilingual support.

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