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Customer Management OrderCast B2B ecommerce
Control user sign ups and easily grant access

Customer management

Easily manage your customer sign-ups and grant access to your B2B online store. This feature is specifically designed for wholesalers who want to sell to specific customers, allowing you to streamline your operations and maximize profits. Stay in control of who has access to your products with OrderCast.

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Inventory management

Efficiently manage your product listings and easily sync them with your ERP system using OrderCast's inventory management feature. With real-time inventory tracking, you'll always know the status of your stock levels, allowing you to make informed decisions about your business. Keep your inventory organized and up-to-date to ensure a seamless and successful operation.

BtoB Order management OrderCast
Manage and scale your orders

Order management

With OrderCast's robust order management system, you can streamline order processing and fulfillment, reduce errors, and improve efficiency. Our platform provides a centralized view of your orders, inventory, and shipments, letting you easily track and manage your operations.

Get your product listing right

Delivery options

Manage shipping addresses and simplify your delivery process with OrderCast’s delivery options feature. Easily track and send items to your customers’ clients for ultimate convenience. With our back office tool, you can streamline the shipping process and maximize efficiency, saving you time and resources.

Delivery Options OrderCast
Connect with your favorite tools


Our integrations section features all the tools and platforms that OrderCast is designed to work with seamlessly. With a host of pre-built integrations for your existing tools, you can easily plug OrderCast into your business, including your CRM, ERP, and accounting software.

What’s more, our open API lets you customize OrderCast's integration capabilities to suit your unique business needs.

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OrderCast's back office provides powerful tools for managing your B2B e-commerce store

Order history

View all previous orders for better business management and analysis.

Easy parcel tracking

Track packages effortlessly with OrderCast's easy-to-use parcel tracking system.

Notification options

Automated notification options for order status updates and other alerts.

Privacy options

Control customer privacy with OrderCast's granular privacy options.

Custom pages

Customize your online store with our flexible and customizable pages.

24/7 Support

24/7 customer support - instant assistance for any questions or issues.

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