Build better wholesale apps with our Public API

OrderCast's Public API: build custom wholesale operations

Empower your business by tapping into our comprehensive Public API. Create, integrate, and scale like never before.

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Why should you use our Public API?

Four big reasons to use OrderCast's Public API

Experience the ultimate flexibility and power to amplify your business operations. Here's why you should get onboard.

Third-Party Integration

Sync data effortlessly with ERPs, CRMs, and more.

Headless E-commerce

Leverage our robust back-end to build your unique storefront.

Custom Platform

Build a platform that fits your specific needs.

Advanced Data Analytics

Generate actionable insights by integrating analytics platforms.

Benefits of the API
Integrations by API
Third-party integrations

Supercharge third-party integrations

Sync your ERPs, CRMs, and other business software with OrderCast effortlessly. Make data inconsistency a thing of the past.

Headless e-commerce

Leverage our back-end for your front-End

Harness the power of OrderCast's back-end while building a storefront that perfectly aligns with your vision.

Headless e-commerce powered by OrderCast
Custom platform by OrderCast
Create your perfect platform

Tailor-made business solutions

Not needing all of OrderCast’s features? Build your own platform that caters specifically to your operational needs.

Data analytics & insights

Data insights at your fingertips

Integrate with analytics platforms to turn data into actionable insights, fine-tune strategies, and drive growth.

Data analytics from the API
We cover all use cases

Find the features that fit you

OrderCast's front and back office features allow businesses to create and optimize custom B2B online stores.

Real-time orders

Instantly view and manage incoming orders for your B2B business.

Special orders

Create tailored orders to meet specific customer needs with ease.

Billing management

Streamline invoicing and keep track of customer payments effortlessly.

Delivery options

Flexible shipping for your customers, easily managed by you.

Barcode search

Efficiently scan and track inventory with quick, accurate barcode search.

Multilingual options

Easily reach global clients with OrderCast's multilingual support.

Tired of managing purchase orders manually? Try OrderCast!

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