Grow your D2C business by accessing a new market

Grow your D2C business by accessing a new market
Ayoub Assabban
Ayoub Assabban
August 12, 2022
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Accelerate growth by opening the door to B2B sales using OrderCast

After enormous growth propelled by the COVID-19 crisis, D2C brands are coming up against some serious headwinds: more competition, more complicated funding and marketing environments, and pullbacks in consumer spending due to rising inflation and a potential recession.

As such, it’s normal that D2C leaders are looking for new ways to expand their market. One area that could be a good fit for many is by making a move into B2B sales.

But doing that isn’t as easy as just telling your marketing team to target potential business clients on LinkedIn using your tried-and-true D2C playbook.

B2B clients are looking for:

  • A product that will ultimately benefit their profits, not just a consumable good
  • A price that will leave them room for additional margin
  • A trustworthy ordering and tracking process
  • A responsive relationship that makes sure they aren’t adding new pains to their business model

Most D2C businesses have heavily invested in consumer-oriented website and marketing efforts. Those materials don’t easily translate into B2B sales — so what can they do?

Our answer is likely obvious: Use OrderCast, and have your B2B ordering solution up and running in under a week.

By putting your current product lineup and its associated info into a spreadsheet, you can use OrderCast’s turnkey solution to have a fully functional e-commerce site that responds to the needs of your potential B2B clients. You don’t need to hire new front-end engineers or designers and you don’t need to build a solution from scratch.

So start planning out how you’ll win over your new customer segment! We at OrderCast will be working in the background, making sure your new ordering site is humming along, leaving you free to give your new B2B customers an amazing experience.

Sounds good? Get in touch with our resident D2C specialist and let us know how we can help your business!

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