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Unlock Delivery Excellence with OrderCast

Optimize your operations with OrderCast, seamlessly integrating with DPD, Chronopost, BPost, DHL, GLS, FedEx, UPS and more.

Key benefits of OrderCast

Next-Level Logistics: Unifying Delivery Solutions with OrderCast

Experience the synergy of e-commerce and delivery services, all integrated seamlessly on the OrderCast platform.

Effortless Integration

Simplify logistics with our seamless integrations with DPD, Chronopost, BPost, DHL, GLS, FedEx, and UPS.

Optimized Operations

Streamline your operations with OrderCast, leveraging real-time data and powerful automation tools.

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

Exceed customer expectations with faster, more reliable delivery enabled by OrderCast's smart solutions.

Scaling As Your Business Grows

Facilitate your business expansion with OrderCast's flexible platform, designed to grow with your business.

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Discover Our Global Network of Trusted Delivery Partners

With OrderCast, access a network of trusted delivery partners such as DHL, Chronopost, and FedEx. This integration offers unparalleled coverage and flexibility in your operations.

Moreover, associating with renowned services such as UPS, BPost, and GLS enhances your brand's credibility. It's all part of OrderCast's goal of accompanying you toward streamlined operations, improved customer satisfaction, and business growth.

We cover all use cases

Find the features that fit you

OrderCast's front and back office feature allows businesses to create and optimize custom B2B online stores.

Real-time orders

Instantly view and manage incoming orders for your B2B business.

Special orders

Create tailored orders to meet specific customer needs with ease.

Billing management

Streamline invoicing and keep track of customer payments effortlessly.

Delivery options

Flexible shipping for your customers, easily managed by you.

Barcode search

Efficiently scan and track inventory with quick, accurate barcode search.

Multilingual options

Easily reach global clients with OrderCast's multilingual support.

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