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Find, order, succeed with OrderCast's B2B Search

Get ready for a better wholesale business experience. OrderCast's B2B Search allows your customers to effortlessly find products and place their orders. Boost sales and enhance your growth trajectory with an improved customer experience.

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Why is B2B search so important?

From discovery to checkout: The benefits of B2B Search

What makes OrderCast's B2B Search special? Here are four key benefits that will transform your wholesale operations thanks to a seamless, profitable customer experience.

Uncomplicated product discovery

Help your customers find exactly what they're looking for, ensuring a smooth, user-friendly browsing experience.

Accelerated ordering

Enable fast, efficient ordering directly from the search, reducing cart abandonment and boosting sales.

Personalized search experience

Offer tailored search results based on the customer's purchase history or preferences, promoting relevant product offerings.

Improved customer satisfaction

By making product search and ordering more streamlined, enhance customer satisfaction and build long-term loyalty.

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Predictive search

Stay one step ahead: Predictive search in action

Our Predictive Search Feature anticipates customer needs, offering relevant suggestions as they type. It's all about understanding customer behaviors and transforming them into actionable insights for your business.

Smart filters

Cut through the noise with smart filters

The smart filters available with OrderCast's B2B Search enable your customers to refine their search results, providing a highly focused product selection that matches their specific needs.

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Blog post

Delve deeper: The ins and outs of B2B Search

Want to go further into the game-changing features of our B2B Search? Read our in-depth blog post that explains the power of OrderCast's B2B Search and how it can help you scale your wholesale business.

Your use case

Find the features that fit your business

OrderCast's front and back office features allow businesses to create and optimize custom B2B online stores.

Real-time orders

Instantly view and manage incoming orders for your B2B business.

Special orders

Create tailored orders to meet specific customer needs with ease.

Billing management

Streamline invoicing and keep track of customer payments effortlessly.

Delivery options

Flexible shipping for your customers, easily managed by you.

Barcode search

Efficiently scan and track inventory with quick, accurate barcode search.

Multilingual options

Easily reach global clients with OrderCast's multilingual support.

Tired of managing purchase orders manually? Try OrderCast!

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