Bundle your success with OrderCast

OrderCast Bundles: Your secret to larger orders

Expand your selling strategy by grouping related items into attractive deals with OrderCast Bundles. Increase average order value and improve inventory management effortlessly.

OrderCast Bundles feature
Why should you use bundles?

OrderCast Bundles: Boost your B2B sales

OrderCast Bundles bring together complementary products in a way that drives sales, enhances customer shopping experience and streamlines inventory management.

Boost Average Order Value (AOV)

By packaging related items together, you encourage larger purchases, thus increasing your average order value.

Improve inventory management

Predict product demand based on bundle popularity and manage your stock more efficiently.

Promote slow-moving stock

Pair slower-moving items with popular ones in a bundle to help clear your inventory.

Enhanced customer experience

Make shopping simpler and more satisfying for your customers with pre-packaged deals.

Bundles Benefits
Bundles Sync AND Creation
Easy bundle creation

Sync your bundles from a spreadsheet or ERP in seconds

Our easy-to-use bundle creation tool makes it simple to group products into attractive deals. Tailor packages to your selling strategy and customer needs.

Static or Dynamic Bundles

Gain flexibility with custom pricing & quantities

Customize bundle pricing with adaptable quantities, maximizing profits and customer satisfaction. Set prices for the entire bundle, or let customers adjust quantities within the bundle to influence the final price. Maintain control and flexibility with OrderCast's Custom Pricing Bundle Options.

Static or dynamic bundles
Bundles Catalog
Bundle cATALOG

Browse through bundle catalogs

OrderCast allows you to design and structure bundles according to your specific needs and the unique demands of your customers.

This could involve creating seasonal bundles, industry-specific packages, or custom assortments. Offer your customers bundles with different sizes, colors, and/or types of products, giving the flexibility they need while increasing their purchase value.

Modular exports

Bundle exports made easy

Group your exports by bundles or display them as individual products without detailing the bundles. Our platform gives you the flexibility needed to simplify order processing in your ERP or at your warehouse. This feature ensures your export structure fits seamlessly into your workflow, enhancing efficiency and productivity.

Bundle Exports
We cover all use cases

Find the features that fit you

OrderCast's front and back office features allow businesses to create and optimize custom B2B online stores.

Real-time orders

Instantly view and manage incoming orders for your B2B business.

Special orders

Create tailored orders to meet specific customer needs with ease.

Billing management

Streamline invoicing and keep track of customer payments effortlessly.

Delivery options

Flexible shipping for your customers, easily managed by you.

Barcode search

Efficiently scan and track inventory with quick, accurate barcode search.

Multilingual options

Easily reach global clients with OrderCast's multilingual support.

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