Maximizing Your Productivity with a B2B e-Shop Search Engine

How much of your B2B business is driven by a great search experience? Today, probably not much. But how much more could you sell if there was a powerful search bar on your website, the equal of Google or Amazon, showing your customers exactly the item they’re looking for?
Michael Saifoudine
Michael Saifoudine
April 24, 2023
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I. The power of a good B2B search engine

A good search engine is a game-changer for B2B e-commerce. It can dramatically improve the productivity workflow for your business by making it easier and faster for your customers to find the products and information they need. Here are some of the ways a good search engine can completely change the process of ordering from your business:

  1. Improved accuracy and relevance: A powerful search engine like the one developed by OrderCast uses advanced algorithms to deliver more accurate and relevant search results. This means users will quickly find the products and information they need without having to sift through pages of irrelevant results.
  2. Faster search speed: A slow search engine significantly reduces the productivity workflow of your business. With our search engine, searches are performed and results are delivered in a matter of milliseconds — even with 10,000+ SKUs. It’s all about making it easy for your customers to find what they’re looking for.
  3. Advanced filtering options: OrderCast’s search engine offers advanced filtering options that allow users to refine search results based on specific criteria such as product attributes, price range, and more. Once again, it’s all about finding things easily and making the ordering process productive and fluid.

II. How to implement a powerful search engine for your B2B e-shop

Implementing a powerful search engine for your B2B e-shop requires careful planning and execution. The technical aspects can be daunting, and we know that doesn’t fit the needs of most wholesalers, who want a great e-shop set up and running as quickly as possible, costing as little as possible.

That’s why we’ve got a better solution: use OrderCast. As part of our turnkey ordering solution, we’ve followed key best practices in order to give you a powerful search engine that increases productivity, improves your workflow, and delights your customers:

  • ✅ Understanding search requirements: Before implementing a search engine, you need to understand what it’ll be used for. That means knowing B2B customers’ search behavior, identifying the types of data to be searched, and defining the search algorithm to be used.
  • ✅ Choose the right technology: All search engines are not equal. Choosing the right technology plays a critical role in its effectiveness. You want an engine that can handle large datasets, has fast response times, and is scalable.
  • ✅ Optimize for relevance: Relevance is the most important factor when it comes to search results. With OrderCast, your search engine ensures that the most relevant results are displayed first. This is achieved through techniques such as keyword matching, synonyms, and stemming.
  • ✅ Test and iterate: We didn’t just build a search engine and turn it on. Over the past years, we’ve been continuously testing and iterating improve effectiveness. Our ongoing process includes monitoring search queries and results, analyzing user feedback, and making adjustments to the search algorithm as needed.


A powerful search engine can completely change the productivity workflow in your B2B e-shop. By implementing a search engine that is optimized for relevance and user experience, you can increase productivity, improve workflow, and enhance the customer experience.

At OrderCast, we understand the importance of a powerful search engine for B2B e-commerce and have developed our own technology to help our customers achieve their goals.

Contact us today to learn more about how OrderCast can help your business improve productivity and enhance the customer experience with our powerful search engine technology.

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