Wholesaler Conference #1 at Brussels’ Tour & Taxis, September 8

An exclusive group of 20 wholesalers will talk leadership, hiring & retention, and transmission at one of Belgium’s industrial showpieces
Ayoub Assabban
Ayoub Assabban
August 27, 2022
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When my cofounder Borys and I started OrderCast, we were very excited about shaking things up in a hot, sexy industry.




Alright, that’s probably the first time that anybody’s ever tried to call the wholesale industry hot and sexy.

And because it’s not a hot, sexy industry, wholesalers are facing some specific problems that arise even within the context of having a profitable business.

Importantly, these aren’t problems that can be addressed on the warehouse floor:

  • Their businesses have been built over many years, and there’s a great deal of institutional knowledge that lives in the owner’s head;
  • They struggle to hire and retain top talent;
  • Generally being family-owned and operated, they face resistance from younger generations who don’t want to take over the business.

Despite the complications associated with them, these problems aren’t insurmountable. There are two great sources of assistance that can help wholesalers on these matters: experts on the topic at hand and other wholesalers who are trying to solve the same problem.

Enter the Wholesaler Conferences.

Each Wholesaler Conference brings together 20 wholesalers and a few hand-selected experts for discussions about Leadership, Hiring & Retention, and Transmission in the wholesale industry. The first Conference on September 8 will feature:

1. Stephan de Brouwer on leadership

As ex-CEO of McDonald’s Belgium, Stephan has had to find the right tools to lead a large network of independent franchises. He knows how to bring a team together in pursuit of clear goals, how to achieve a long-term objective thanks to short-term tasks, and how to attract & retain talent, all topics that he’ll take up during his talk.

2. Fabienne Bryskère on digitalization

As CEO of MultiPharma, Fabienne guided the company’s digital transition. While it was an effort that yielded great success for the company, it was first necessary to get complete buy-in on the part of everyone involved. She’ll talk about how a CEO can make sure that the team is aligned in terms of objectives and what challenges you’ll face.

3. Valérie Denis on transmission

Founder of the ICHEC Families in Business Chair, Valérie understands that for a business owner, the company has a real role as a true member of the family; but having the company as one’s “baby” brings with it many emotions when it comes to passing the business along to the next generation. She’ll discuss the key elements to have in place to ensure that the transmission goes as smoothly as possible.

Because we want this to be an intimate affair where people can really profit from each other’s experiences as well as interacting with top speakers with CEO-level multinational experience, there will be a series of conferences, all held in different places. Each Conference is invitation-only, free for the participants, held in a highly agreeable location, and blends expert-led seminars with space for peer-to-peer conversations with your fellow wholesalers.

(And knowing wholesalers like we do, we won’t be surprised if some win-win business opportunities come out of those conversations ;)

The first Wholesaler Conference will take place on September 8, 2022 in Brussels.

Interested in participating in an upcoming Conference? Let us know a bit about you and your wholesale business here.

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